Best Smoothie Blender

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best smoothie blender
best smoothie blender

We drink smoothies every day. It doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, a smoothie always sounds good. They are fast, nutritious, easy to clean up and they taste good. A diet that includes smoothies, especially green smoothies, is one of the easiest ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have found that the blender you use to make them has a big impact on the quality of the smoothies.

The Difference A Blender Makes

You can mix a banana with some protein powder and orange juice in almost any blender and you will have something you can drink and call a smoothie. The difference comes when you start to mix in a lot of fruits and greens of different textures, like frozen berries, bananas and mango with celery and spinach or other leafy greens. If you want to drink it without chewing small bits of it, in other words, if you want it blended as smooth as possible, you need a high quality, high powered blender. An added benefit of a blender like this is that you can expect it to last for literally your lifetime.

What Is The Best Blender

The best smoothie blender is really a matter of personal taste and budget. You could spend up to $1000 for a professional blender, but you can have a great smoothie blender that could last you the rest of your life for less than half of that. If you are committed to a long term healthy diet, a high-quality blender with its many uses can become the most valuable, and most used, appliance in your kitchen.

Smoothies And More

An added bonus of owning one of these amazing machines is that they can do so many other things for you. You can make soup right in a blender like this, as well as grind whole grains and prepare many sauces and purees that would take too much time and be too much trouble to make any other way. Besides our daily use for smoothies, our favorite use for our high powered blender is all of the healthy frozen desserts we can make. These treats would be impossible to make in a standard blender and considering that it will likely never need to ever be replaced, a high-quality blender is definitely the way to go.

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The Best Smoothie Blenders

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